Rick Scott: In His Own Words

By Dara Kam

Gov. Rick Scott answered questions on two topics — taxes and education — this evening after leaving the House chamber. Scott had dropped in to watch representatives pass a vehicle registration tax cut that’s part of the governor’s election-year “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget.”

Thursday evening’s Q-and-A lasted one minute and 20 seconds.

Q: Why aren’t the cuts in the fees that were raised any larger than they currently are? New registration fees aren’t touched with this. Why not, if you really want to return the money?

Scott: I would love to cut more taxes. Every time we put more money back in families’ hands, it’s a good day. So I would love to cut even more taxes.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Senate…This afternoon, Sen. Galvano pulled the tax credit scholarship bill. It sounds like it might be dead. I just wanted to get your reaction.

Scott: Look, this is a great year for education. Our kids are doing a great job. It’s a historic year in my budget. But it’s an historic, record funding for K-12 education. That’s what I’m focused on.

(Last question!)

Q: The House passed the immigrant tuition bill. What are your thoughts on the House version vs. the Senate?

Scott: I like Sen. Latvala’s bill. I want to thank him again for taking leadership in that bill. I want to reduce tuition for all Floridians. I want to get rid of the 15 percent differential. I want to get rid of the inflationary increase. So I like Sen. Latvala’s bill.

Q: What about the House version?
Scott: I like the House version.

(walking away) Thanks.

The News Service of Florida