Rick Scott: In His Own Words

Here’s the latest installment of “Rick Scott: In His Own Words,” where we transcribe the governor’s Q-and-A’s with reporters.

Today’s post-Cabinet gaggle lasted one minute and 45 seconds.

Q: On the fee roll back, governor, the way it’s structured, a lot of people will not initially see this benefit until maybe next year because it doesn’t begin until Sept. 1. Are you concerned there are going to be some mixed messages? People will think this is about to go down, when in reality, especially when they’ve already renewed their tag, they’ve got another year?

Scott: I like to get these fees reduced as fast as we can. I want to get the money back in Floridians’ hands. We have a budget surplus. We’ve had a big turnaround in our economy. Our budget’s grown now. After this we’re going to have a big surplus, so the faster we can get it back to them, I’d like to get it back to them. But I’m glad the Senate, I want to thank President Gaetz, Sen. Negron, Speaker Weatherford, for all their help.

Q: Do you have thoughts on the Senate bill that passed Senate committee this morning, the tuition bill?

Scott: I want to thank Sen. Latvala for taking leadership in this area. He like I is worried about the cost of tuition. Tuition, I want it to come down as much as we can. He’s doing the right thing, we’ve got to roll back this 15 percent inflation rate increase that was added a few years ago, the 15 percent differential. I support his bill.

Q: That vote was close this morning, are you talking to other senators in other committees to be in support of this?

Scott: I know Sen. Latvala is very focused on this and I like what he’s doing. I like the lead he’s taking, and it’s the right thing to do for our state. All right, have a great day. Bye-bye.

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