Is Crist adviser the Democratic ‘maestro?’

Democrat Charlie Crist is relying on former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina as an adviser in this year’s Florida gubernatorial race. But a story in Politico makes clear that Messina will be busy with a lot of other clients and issues — and compares him to Republican strategist Karl Rove.

The Politico story also quotes Orlando lawyer John Morgan, who is described as becoming close to Messina during the Obama campaign. Morgan, one of Crist’s top backers,  defended Messina against the Rove comparisons.

“I see Karl Rove as kind of Boss Hogg. And I see Messina as the consigliere — the quiet guy,” Morgan told Politico. “The real difference is one has an outsized ego and it’s about him, and the other has an ego that’s very much in check and it’s about the cause and the candidates.”

Here is a link to the Politico story.

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