DeSantis: sequester congressional pay

Freshman Republican U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis wants the sequestration to include congressional pay. The new northeast Florida congressman sent out a statement  today  about his proposed  “Sequestration of Pay for Members of Congress Act” to will reduce pay for Members of Congress by 8.2 percent. That would be the same amount the Office of Management and Budget estimates nonexempt discretionary spending will be cut this year due to sequestration.

From DeSantis’ release:

 “Much has been said about sequestration, but few have mentioned that the pay of Members of Congress is exempted,” said Rep. DeSantis. “When Members exempt themselves from the operation of the law, it’s not only unfair, but it also violates a core principle of republican government. That is why I am introducing legislation to reduce pay for Members of Congress at the first moment it is constitutionally permissible.”


He  discussed the  bill last night on Fox News, and The Hill also wrote about it here.


The News Service of Florida