Sink: run for gov much less likely following husband’s death

Democrat Alex Sink, who narrowly lost to Gov. Rick Scott in the governor’s race of 2010, told the Associated Press that in the wake of her husband’s death she is far less likely to run for governor again in 2014. Sink’s husband, Bill McBride, who lost the 2002 governor’s race to Jeb Bush, died in December. Sink has been talked about as a leading candidate to challenge Scott. “Without a husband, without the person that I relied on the most to shore me up and give me good advice, that’s changed. That’s changed everything,” Sink told the AP. “Right this minute, if you’re asking me, it’s off the table. I’m not prepared to say, ‘No I’m not,’ but I’m much further away from a run today than I was three months ago.” Former Gov. Charlie Crist, who was a Republican when he was governor from 2007-2011 recently became a Democrat and has been talked about as another possible candidate. Sink, 64, a former state chief financial officer, and a former bank president, also acknowledged that Scott’s personal wealth makes challenging him daunting. “My eyes are wide open. It’s not going to be easy to beat him,” she said. She also noted that her children aren’t enthusiastic about her running. “And I’m now the financial support for my family,” Sink said. “And that’s another thing that’s different.”

The News Service of Florida