Profs: voting change hurt minorities more

As Gov. Rick Scott pushes for a law that would allow counties to add more early voting,  new report by the University of Florida’s Michael Herron and Dan Smith finds, among other things, that reduced voting opportunities from the state’s new election law affected black voters more than whites.

Key paragraph that sums up that part:

The reduction in opportunities to vote early under HB 1355 disproportionately affected
African American voters, insofar as nearly half of all blacks who voted in 2012 cast in?person
early ballots. Although blacks made up less than 14 percent of the Florida electorate as of
November/December 2012, they cast 22 percent of all the early votes in 2012, roughly the
same percentage as in 2008.

African Americans and Hispanic voters were more likely than white voters to cast
provisional ballots and nearly twice as likely to have their provisional ballots rejected.

The News Service of Florida