ACLU: Scott’s revelation on voting ‘heartening, but…’

ACLU Florida Director Howard Simon says it’s “heartening to see that the governor is willing to start a discussion about addressing flaws in our state’s election system,” but the ACLU still blames Gov. Rick Scott for helping to create those flaws. His fix doesn’t go far enough, Simon said in a statement.

“The governor’s suggestion to correct the problems that he helped create is not the same as real election reform. The proposals put forth in the governor’s statement are a step in the right direction, but they are too narrow in scope and there are critical details missing. The governor must clearly outline how he plans to address the shortage of election equipment as well as the need for uniform voting rules across the state to ensure that our elections are fair. Short of that, these proposals will do nothing to prevent another election like 2012; or even 2000.


The News Service of Florida