Abortion amendment foes raise more than $2.4M

A group helping lead opposition to Amendment 6 on Florida’s November ballot has raised more than $2.4 million since May, with about half of the money coming from Planned Parenthood groups across the country, campaign-finance records show. The group, known as “Vote No on 6,” reported raising $2,455,430 through Sept. 28 and spending $2,311,353, with about $2 million going to a Virginia-based media firm for television advertising. The group is fighting an amendment that the Republican-controlled Legislature put on the November ballot to address abortion issues. Perhaps the most-far reaching part of the amendment would say that the Florida Constitution can’t be interpreted to create broader rights to an abortion than those that exist in the U.S. Constitution. The state constitution has a right to privacy that led to a landmark 1989 court ruling that blocked a law requiring parental consent before minor girls could receive abortions. Amendment 6 also would prohibit public spending on abortions, unless required by federal law or in certain exceptions, such as rape or incest.

The News Service of Florida