Sassy political insight of (former) Fitzgerald spox maybe was too, uh something

Democratic congressional candidate Keith Fitzgerald’s spokeswoman is now his former spokeswoman following Ana Maria Rosato’s rant on whether Republicans enjoy sex on her podcast. She is, um, vocally suggestive in case you weren’t sure exactly what she was talking about. There’s a link to the audio (use your headphones if you’re at work, please) and a transcript, even, at

Judging by her web site, she’s not embarrassed, the “Do Republicans Have Sex?” podcast is at the top of her list of “AM’s Favs.” Well, she says she was born in a bedroom community – and that she’s passionate. And she sells shirts that, well, go to her web site and look at them for yourself if you want.  They make a slangy anatomical reference.

She’s also no longer employed by Fitzgerald, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan.

We didn’t even want to ask anyone for comment because it would have been icky.


The News Service of Florida