Former Mitt Romney aide establishes Florida ‘super Pac’

A onetime aide to former Massachusetts governor and current GOP president frontrunner Mitt Romney has filed paperwork creating a so-called super PAC in Florida, which could be a key showdown in the Republican primary for the chance to face President Barack Obama in 2012. (HT: OpenSecretsblog)

Florida’s not alone among potential early primary states — though that’s still to be determined — in having a Romney-linked super PAC. Iowa and South Carolina are also part of the “Jobs for … ” franchise, which would dovetail nicely with Romney’s focus on the economy. Rob Jentgens, who worked for Romney’s first presidential campaign until late 2007, filed the papers for the new committee. The cover letter is largely legal boilerplate.

Jobs for Florida intends to operate as an independent expenditure-only political committee and intends to raise fimds in unlimited amounts in accordance with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit’s decision in v. FEC. The committee will not use such funds to make contributions — whether direct, in-kind, or via coordinated communications — to federal candidates or committees.

What’s curious is that Romney isn’t expected to compete heavily in Iowa — where former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann are expected to fight it out — but is expected to play a major role in New Hampshire, where Romney’s Massachusetts experience could give him an edge.

On the other hand, South Carolina has a long history of backing establishment favorites, while Florida could help clear the field if the national and state parties can come to an agreement on when the state can hold its primary. The vote is currently scheduled for Jan. 31, which would vault Florida ahead of every other early-primary state.

The News Service of Florida