Politico: ‘Angular’ Scott could help Obama in Florida

Maybe it’s not a surprise given the governor’s surging disapproval ratings — more people disapprove of Gov. Rick Scott’s job than approve of President Barack Obama’s — but POLITICO identified Obama’s possible strategy in the 2012 presidential elections in Florida.

But Obama’s biggest asset in a critical swing state he won by a mere 2.8-percentage-point margin in 2008 might be Rick Scott, the wildly unpopular Republican governor Democrats are casting as Lex Luthor to Obama’s Clark Kent.

Democrats say Scott, a stern, angular, unvarnished former health insurance executive, is an easily caricatured embodiment of conservative excess and tea party overreach. And he will likely be Obama’s prime target in Florida, no matter who the Republican presidential nominee is, as well as the best hope of countering the threat posed by the possible selection of popular freshman Sen. Marco Rubio as the GOP nominee’s vice-presidential candidate.

The response from Scott’s spokesman?

“Gov. Scott is focused on turning the economy around in Florida. … It’s going to be interesting to try to see how the president tries to take credit for that,” he told POLITICO. “We’re already starting to see the unemployment rate drop when nationally, it went up last month. The governor is getting it done, and it will be interesting to see how the president tries to take credit.”

Whether Scott will matter all that much when the GOP has actually chosen its presidential candidate remains to be seen.

The News Service of Florida